When we last left off, we had an idea, but not much else. The plan is to design Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu rashguards, get them manufactured and create a Shopify store.

But, I really don't want a living room full of these things that I can't sell.

So we're going to run an experiment to find out if people are going to buy before we invest too much time and money.

By the way, if you would prefer this in video format, you can follow along with the YouTube series here.

We're going to make an MVP (minimum viable product) straight out of whatever startup literature you care to read. We're going to:

Create a mockup of our product

We're going to do a full article on this soon. But, there are a million resources out there on creating great product mockups. Check out Placeit for most of your mockup needs.

Build a landing page on Shopify

Our next piece is going to be fully dedicated to this. But, just know that you're going to get a landing page out of the box with Shopify. It's not going to totally fit our needs, but we can customize it.

Send some traffic to our landing page and measure.

We'll take out some cheap Google Display Network ads to drive some traffic and see if we can gauge interest in our rashguards.

But first we need a brand and domain name.

Choosing and registering a domain name

Let's come up with a name for our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu rashguards business. This process is a matter of intuition, experimentation and a little bit of luck to get a good domain name for your brand.

There are some great tools out there that will help you brainstorm. My tool of choice is NameMesh. It takes a few terms related to your idea as input and outputs a ton of available domain names. It's how I settled on this domain, neatab.com.

It also pays to research some of your competitors. What are other shops in your space using? After a little bit of research, I noticed that most of the shops in this space used a naming like formula like Something Cool + Fightwear.com.

If we follow this formula, it could help us with SEO and will be more familiar to our target audience. Since we're doing rashguards printed with traditional tattoo artwork, I decided to go with something that would mesh well and ended up with LuckyKatFightwear.com.

There are lots of domain registrars out there, don't think too hard about it. I used GoDaddy, but I would also recommend Hover.com and you can even register right through Shopify.

To hook it up to your new Shopify store, just go to the Shopify backend and click Online Store > Domains, and select Connect existing domain. It will walk you through it and even take care of creating a free SSL certificate for you.

Next up

In the next installment, we're going to create our landing page. If you want to follow along, pop your email address in the box below and I'll make sure you receive updates as I release them.