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Picture Perfect: How to Choose Product Images That Sell

Think about the last time that you purchased something online. A lot of factors likely contributed to the purchase; great copywriting that explained what the product was and why it...

How To Use Split Testing To Find The Perfect Product Pricing

When you’re sitting down to finalize product pricing, you need to find your goldilocks in order to maximize both sales and profit. If your pricing is too high, customers will...

How To Leverage Microcopy On Your Site

There are a lot of elements that go into creating an excellent site for your business. A clean user interface, intuitive navigation, easy checkouts, and great copy are all a...

Run Your Shopify Store Like A Science Experiment 4 Experiments To Reduce Abandoned Carts

There’s one metric that causes a lot of frustration and confusion in the Shopify admin.

Five Mistakes You Are Making In Your Shopify Product Descriptions

In all the work of setting up your Shopify business, did product descriptions fall by the wayside?

Your Shopify Store Has Traffic Now What

You busted your butt to build your shop. You have Instagram followers and Facebook fans. You’re getting traffic. But there’s one problem.