You’re in the market for a new watch. You’ve considered opting for some sort of smart watch, but haven’t seen any reviews from the ones you like the look of online, and aren’t sure where else to start.

You start to see ads online, triggered by your search history, all for different types of watches from different companies claiming to be the best option possible for you.

You still don’t quite trust any of them.

You ask a friend instead, and they swear by the Samsung they got earlier in the year, showing you all the great features and telling you how they wear it every day. You check it out, and with your friends’ recommendation at the forefront of your mind, you purchase.

Testimonials are the online, semi-anonymous counterpart to personal recommendations from a friend, and in this post, we’re going to explain exactly how they can help your Shopify store and how to get more of them.

Why Reviews & Testimonials Matter: The Statistics

Online reviews and testimonials are perhaps the most effective selling tool you can have. Users want to know that other consumers have purchased first and that they loved it or at least had a good experience with your brand before purchasing, too.

If you were looking at two pairs of shoes online and one had fifty great reviews and the other had none, which would you take the chance on?

We’ve got more than anecdotal evidence to back this up, too. Consider the following statistics about the importance of testimonials:

  • 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend
  • 87% of people want to see a rating of at least 3-5 stars for a business before they’ll purchase from them
  • Customers spend 31% more when they read reviews than when they didn’t

Customers trust online reviews more than media messages from a brand, so what they say about your business and your product matters more than about than what you say about it.

And there’s another benefit, too: reviews can help users make more informed purchases, thanks to 78% of users being happy with their purchase after reading reviews. This can lead to a direct drop off in return rates, which means more profit for you.

How to Leverage the Power of Testimonials for Your Store

Testimonials are powerful, especially for Shopify stores, which are often run by small business owners looking to grow their company into something great. Whether you’re starting completely from scratch or you’ve already got a following behind you, let’s take a look at how exactly you can leverage the power of testimonials for your store to build customer trust and get more sales.

Use Automated Review Generation Software

In order to get the full impact of reviews, you need to be bringing them in– and regularly. Users want to see reviews less than three months old; if they were written or published four months ago (or more), they start to find them a bit more unreliable.

Software like Yotpo is perfect for this; it will follow up with users after a purchase, asking for a review and making it exceptionally easy for users to submit one. This same tool allows you to then feature the reviews on your product pages for maximum impact.

Share Social Posts on Your Pages

Are your customers creating user-generated content and sharing it on social media? That’s excellent– user-generated content is another form of social proof that acts as a testimonial. Use that to your advantage, sharing the UGC on your own social channels and your site.

Shopify apps like Pixlee’s allow you to share streams of UGC on your site, including on product pages. This takes customers-selling-for-you to a whole new level; people wouldn’t be sharing the images if they didn’t love it, and that’s a huge selling point for you.

Feature Testimonials in Multiple Places on Your Site

Testimonials are effective, so it’s best to feature them in as many places on your site as possible. This can include:

  • Placing reviews and user images on product pages
  • Quoting customers in your “About Us” or even on your home page
  • Having a scrolling review display somewhere on your site, like in the footer or on your home page
  • Having a “Testimonials” page

Not all of these options will work for every brand, but consider adding in the ones that you think would benefit you. You can always use our Neat A/B to split test how effective the testimonial sections are and determine if you want to keep them or not.

Place User Reviews in Ad Campaigns

Sometimes, paid outbound marketing strategies like Facebook Ads and Google Ads are the best ways to expand your reach quickly, and customer reviews being featured in those ads can help you stand out.

Add a user review in quotation marks in the text of the ad, and make sure to mention it was a customer who left it. You can use these campaigns to attract warm and cold audiences alike.

Use NeatTweet to Attract Warm Leads
We’ve already established that part of the reason testimonials work so well is because you didn’t write them yourself; continue this and compound its power by encouraging users to not only write the testimonials or talk about your brand, but to share them, too.

We’ve come up with a way to help with that. This past month, we released our NeatTweet app for Shopify stores, which allows you to encourage users to share pre-written tweets about your business in exchange for incentives like discounts. Customers will get a CTA to take this action, and they don’t even have to write up the tweet, so it’s easy, fast, and effective.

And since they’re sharing it to their audience, it’s even more likely to be effective, because that audience is warm and trusts them. That means when these users come to you, they’ll be interested because someone they know has told them to be, and that’s a great head start.


On-site testimonials for Shopify stores are going to be more effective than any salesperson (automated or not) that you can hire. They can help you to build trust, convince users to purchase, convince users to purchase more, and even increase the likelihood that they’ll be satisfied after they buy.

Those are enormous, undeniable benefits, so make sure you’re leveraging the tactics discussed in this post to get more reviews and leverage them well for your success.

Want to turn your sales into social proof to attract warm leads? Install NeatTweet